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The image on this page is not me.  I am an old man, retired and boring.  I am respected in my rural Maine community.  My neighbors do not know that I squeeze these kinds of images out of AI tools.

Maine is a place of natural beauty, from her rocky shores to the forested mountains.  The artists from here are drawn to dark thoughts because we get tired of picturesque landscapes.

I've been making mildly disturbing art since June of 2022, starting with Midjourney.  I went to Stable Diffusion in December of that year.  In August of 2023 I started making videos.  I've tried many video options, but I have the best luck with AnimateDiff.

My work found a greater audience when I was selected to be part of the FellowshipAI's Daily program (link above).  I share that stage with true AI artists.  I appreciate the aspiring filmmakers who use AI tools.  I am not a filmmaker.  I am more of a sculptor, going back to my old hobby of ceramics.  I am concerned with texture, color, lighting, and movement instead of mood, soundtracks, and characters.  My negative prompts (that is, the elements I do not want in my images) usually include "Human, face, sterile, symmetry, nude, nsfw".  Sometimes I forget the last two, and you should contact me if you'd like to see that kind of prurient filth.

Yes, I can do commissions.  They are likely to be not exactly what you were hoping for.  Want precision?  That's what Photoshop is for.  Want a music video?  Eh, maybe.  Want a schoolgirl in power armor doing a Tiktok dance?  Find someone else.

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